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Gretchen Kelly

“Gretchen Kelly asks the most unusual questions, pitches the most unusual ideas, and turns in amazing copy. I worked with her at Successful Meetings, where she wrote features on buying art in Holland, JFK's cousin in Ireland, and team building activities involving fire. I look forward to working with her now that I'm at MeetingNews.” July 13, 2008

Terri Hardin
hired Gretchen as a Writer/Editor in 2003, and hired Gretchen more than once.


“I was working with Gretchen in my position as the Manger Communications NA for the German National Tourist Board. She is an excellent writer, very skilled and has an extensive knowledge about all the major travel destinations world wide.” July 12, 2008

Richard Rheindorf, Manager Communications North America, German National Tourist Office, New York USA
was a consultant or contractor to Gretchen at Global media.


“Gretchen comes up with some of the coolest article ideas and is one of the most passionate travelers I've had the pleasure of working with. Her energy is infectious. She's willing to do just about anything to complete an assignment (including getting into shark-infested waters or going spelunking off the coast of Wales) and often goes beyond the parameters of an assignment to turn in not just an entertaining read, but also detailed, clean copy that doesn't need much editing.” July 11, 2008

Donna Airoldi
hired Gretchen as a Writer/Editor in 2006